Get the App

The new Loxa app is now available to our customers, end users and installers. All users can view, download and email our product specification sheets. Customers may also use our secure-link setting to view their current prices, discounts and recent transactions.

Up‐to‐date information at your fingertips!

How to set your secure customer link

  1. Download and open the Loxa App
  2. Tap the ′SET CUSTOMER′ button
  3. Select your customer name from the first alphabetical dropdown list
  4. Select your branch from the second dropdown list
  5. Tap the ′Request Email′ button. The app will then automatically send the information you need to the email address that we hold in our records for your customer location.
  6. Follow the instructions on the email to link your device securely to your current pricing, discounts and transaction history.

If you have any problems using the secure link or any other feature of the Loxa app, please call us on +44 (0)330 5554433

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